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Chikmaglur trip

Chikmagalur – The Coffee Land of Karnataka

Time To Explore A New Place – Chikmaglur

If you want to bask in some peace, just head out and explore Chikmagalur, or trek your way into the wilderness. Surrounded by the green hills, many waterfalls and coffee plantations in the western ghats of Karnataka a state in southwest India is the holy place with 3 large caves.

With lots of waterfalls, and hills around, Chikmagalur is the most visited place by the people especially hikers and trekkers. The Chikmagalur trek is an interesting one, through waterfalls during the monsoons.

Popularly known as the ‘Coffee Land of Karnataka’. Chikmagalur has a scent of coffee all around it with a lot of coffee plantations. Famous for its tall mountains, lavish green backwoods and its peaceful condition (aside from its coffee production), it is a mainstream for a chikmagalur trip and chikmagalur trek which is a quick retreat for the individuals of Karnataka.

Being the biggest maker of coffee, so in case you’re an coffee lover as well as nature lover, going for a stroll through one (or a couple) of the various coffee plantations in the city is an unquestionable activity to do.

Chikmagalur is a famous trekking spot and  boasts of numerous amazing trekking trails, for example, the Mullayanagiri trek, the Kemmanagundi trek, and the Baba Budangiri trek. Mullayangiri is the highest peak in Karnataka and is the best spot to get an ideal perspective on the sun rising from behind the mountains.

What is the best time to visit Chikmagalur?

Chikmanglur weather – The best time to visit Chikmagalur is from the mid of September to March which are the winter months. With a lovely climate consistently, the beginning of the rainstorm season (Early July) is likewise a decent time to visit Chikmagalur. However, in August it receives heavy rainfall during that month, therefore the place must be avoided.

What are the dishes to try during your Chikmagalur trip?

Dishes like the Akki Roti, kakadu, and many more that are prepared with coconut milk are the local delicacy, also rice and fish curry is the staple food of that town.

How to Reach Chikmagalur?

Chikmagalur is very much associated with road and customary transport and cab service is accessible to and from Bangalore. The nearest air terminal is Mangalore Airport. The closest railway station is Kadur (40km) and can be utilized by vacationers to get to this city.

There are in all top 18 tourist attractions to see in your Chikmagalur trip :

  1. Kudremukh National Park
  2. Mullayanagiri
  3. Baba Budangiri
  4. Coffee Plantations
  5. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
  6. Rafting in Bhadra River
  7. Jhari Waterfalls
  8. Manikyadhara Falls
  9. Kemmanagundi
  10. Belavadi
  11. Inam Dattatreya Peetha
  12. Hirekolale Lake
  13. City Shopping
  14. Sharadamba Temple
  15. Sringeri Sharada Peetham
  16. Coffee Museum
  17. Ballalarayana Durga
  18. Ghatikallu

“Chikmagalur is a haven for adventure-seekers.”

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